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Love Is in the Air Has Begun!

Love Is in the Air Has Begun!

by Ulminia in Wed Feb 13th, 6:33 PM

Something is in the air in the major cities of Azeroth. Many guards and townsfolk spend their days giving and receiving gifts to other amorous citizens.

Conflict between the Horde and Alliance may be at its height, but there’s time enough for love during the Love Is in the Air holiday event.

When: February 12–26
Where: Orgrimmar (Horde) and Stormwind (Alliance)
Currency: Love Tokens

You must be 110 or higher to have a chance to acquire the , found in the .

Following the BFA stat squish, the Crown Company necklaces are ilvl 365 for 120 players.

costs 150


: The Heart-Shaped Box, a daily reward from the Dungeon Finder for defeating Apothecary Hummel, has a chance to drop a stylish flying mount: the Big Love Rocket!

: Take to the ground atop this pink, flightless bird, sure to set the mood for any acrophobic romantic engagements. Available in exchange for Love Tokens at your faction’s Lovely Merchants, NPC vendors located in capital cities.


: This disgusting (but friendly!) ooze will grow in size as it eats critters that cross your path.

: Summon a lil’ winged goblin of love by spending Love Tokens at your faction’s Lovely Merchants.

: This darling pink lovebird can be purchased from the Lovely Merchants.


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