Mark Your Calendars: WoW Classic Launch and Testing Schedule

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Introducing an adventurous new pet with an especially curious nature—Whomper the baby yeti! When you adopt him in-game or in his plushie form

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WoW Classic Launch and Testing Schedule

Mark your calendars: WoW Classic goes live worldwide August 27! Whether your battle cry is “For the Horde!” or “For the Alliance!”, there’s no shortage of adventure awaiting you in the vast continents of Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms.

See below for details on the exact time you can …

Love Is in the Air Has Begun!

Something is in the air in the major cities of Azeroth. Many guards and townsfolk spend their days giving and receiving gifts to other amorous citizens.

Conflict between the Horde and Alliance may be at its height, but there’s time enough for love during the Love Is in the Air holiday event.

Feast of Winter Veil

Let your spirit be light by stepping into one of the Giant Snow Globes* found outside of the Ironforge Bank, in Orgrimmar overlooking the Valley of Wisdom, or in the Broken Isles in Dalaran. It’s a truly transformative experience letting your inner Greatfather Winter helper out. A little /dance …

Brewfest 2017 Now Open!

Like other holiday world bosses, you do not need to be max level anymore to queue up. More chances at and

There are also 3 battle pets you can acquire

Shadows of Argus Arrives August 29!

In patch 7.3: Shadows of Argus, Azeroth’s greatest heroes will journey into the heart of the Burning Legion’s stronghold to undertake a most desperate mission. Succeed, and Azeroth may at last know peace; fail, and all worlds will burn.

Following recent events in the Broken Isles, a …

The Mythic Dungeon Invitational Is Coming!

World of Warcraft esports is expanding into the fast-paced, highly competitive world of Mythic Keystone dungeons with the Mythic Dungeon Invitational. We’re looking for the best of the best from around the world to battle it out for a share of $100,000.


Hot Fixes July 5th


  • Heroic Leap, Infernal Strike, and Metamorphosis should no longer go on cooldown when the target destination is out of line of sight.
  • Druid
        Predator (Talent) should now properly reset the cooldown of Tiger’s Fury when a target dies while affected by Ashamane’s Frenzy.

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